Cisco Capital Excess Used Program

Cisco often has excess used product inventory that still has a useful life with limited demand from traditional channels. To optimize the value of its technology portfolio, Cisco created an Excess Used Product offering to sell used products through a select group of organizations, including Avmark.

Cisco Excess Used products are:

  • Sourced from Cisco’s Excess Used inventory are designated with a “–WS” at the end of the part number
  • Fully functional
  • Equipped with valid versions of the operating software IOS that are relicensed by Cisco and parts manufactured by Cisco and sourced from end of lease contracts, cancelled orders, and manufacturing overruns
  • Eligible for Smart Net Total Care support

Avmark makes aggressive inventory buys to fill the Cisco product demands that companies supporting high availability businesses, including banking/financial services, entertainment, healthcare/hospitals, hospitality, insurance, and retail, require. Avmark’s global reach and end-to-end IT services ensure that clients have the Cisco IT networking technology and support they need, where and when they need it.