Although significant attention goes into scoping, planning, and installing systems, the majority of an IT department’s focus is on maintaining available, secure IT networks. This 24x7x365 responsibility is dependent on the reliability of the systems, as well as the service provider.

Avmark provides the technical expertise and availability that “always on” businesses in banking/financial services, entertainment, healthcare/hospitals, hospitality, insurance, and retail need. Operations are ISO-9001 compliant and Avmark’s Cisco experts are equipped with ongoing training.

Since every platform Avmark sells has valid IOS versions, they are Smart Net and Avmark support eligible.

The clients that use Avmark for maintenance benefit from Avmark’s:

  • Consolidated, single contracts and terms
  • Multivendor support
  • Asset management
  • Global operations, local delivery
  • Certified technicians with multi-vendor and multi-platform experience
  • 24×7 Technical Assistance Center
  • Level 1-3 triage support
  • 8x5NBD and 24x7x4hr onsite SLAs
  • Lifetime depot warranty