In the same way that Avmark’s rental and lease options provide flexibility to customers purchasing Cisco compliant hardware, so do Avmark’s services. Avmark understands that each organization staffs its IT differently and will support clients in whatever capacity required.

Avmark’s support begins with its technical sales and support experts who plan and configure Cisco networking and infrastructure systems with valid IOS versions. All equipment is Cisco Smart Net and Avmark support eligible with lifetime depot warranties, and companies often choose Avmark for its end-to-end IT services. By consolidating support with Avmark, clients reduce complexity and gain flexibility, efficiency, and risk mitigation throughout the lifetime of their assets.

Clients use Avmark to:

Plan and configure
design, plan, and configure Cisco compliant solutions to replace or expand IT networks and infrastructures

Installation and Integration
configure, integrate, and install systems into multi-platform environments

migrate to a single, global multi-vendor contract that eases asset management, including prolonging end-of-life assets and those coming off warrantee

maximize the value of existing IT assets back into the IT budget for upgrades and migrations by allowing Avmark to buy back equipment when upgrading.

securely retire excess and obsolete IT equipment, sanitized of all data, through recycling and disposal at the highest industry and environmental standards