UCS Servers

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a centrally managed, highly scalable system of integrated infrastructure solutions that support unique application needs while powering server workloads. Avmark provides Cisco UCS servers that help speed up IT operations and create the technology foundation needed for initiatives like private cloud, big data, and desktop virtualization.

All Cisco hardware from Avmark is configured to meet clients’ specific needs and has valid IOS versions for Smart Net and Avmark support eligibility and lifetime depot warranties.

Cisco UCS Servers from Avmark:

Blade Servers

B200 M2, B200 M3, B200 M4, B420 M3, B440 M1, B440 M2, B230 M2, B22 M3

Rack Servers

C200 M2, C210 M2, C220 M3, C220 M4, C240 M3, C240 M4

Fabric Interconnects

6120XP, 6140XP, 6248UP, 6296UP, 6324