Why Avmark

Avmark is a global company with employees and locations all over the world, ready to sell, buy, and support Cisco systems. Avmark’s certified, technical experts begin working with companies to scope and configure hardware requirements for mission critical environments during the sales process.

Once needs are identified, a variety of financing and Op Ex options give clients flexibility to acquire solutions in the way that works best for their budget. The flexibility and options continue with service, where customers who are buying hardware with valid IOS versions can choose from Cisco Smart Net and Avmark eligible support plans.

Regardless of where companies in high availability businesses like banking/financial services, entertainment, healthcare/hospitals, hospitality, insurance, and retail start their journey with Avmark, the same, reliable company is there to back them up – all over the world to:

Increase product availability
Avmark’s unique relationship with Cisco Capital means constant, aggressive Cisco hardware purchases so customers have fast access to the equipment they need, including same-day shipments for emergency orders

Reduce IT spend
By aggressively buying and stocking millions of dollars in inventory through the Cisco Capital relationship, Avmark offers Cisco equipment at unmatched prices.

Optimize balance sheet
Rental and leasing options give clients flexibility to replace or expand infrastructures even when capital is not readily available. In addition Avmark’s ITAD services further reduce fixed costs through trade-in credits and options.

Ensure Cisco Smart Net and Avmark support eligibility
Since equipment sold, rented, and leased by Avmark has a valid version of IOS loaded and relicensed by Cisco, it’s always eligible for support from Cisco Smart Net and Avmark with lifetime depot warranties. Avmark’s services include 8x5xNBD and 24x7x4hr onsite SLAs and support is also available for equipment not purchased from Avmark.